Power Storage Systems

Shobha Globs provides convenient and efficient power storage solutions that help you take the first step towards getting freedom from grid power, with the help of our cost-effective, convenient and long-duration energy storage.
We provide battery systems that store all the excess power when the system generates more power than what is required and draw uninterrupted power from these batteries instead of the grid on days when it isn’t as sunny as any normal day. Our aim is to keep the environment cleaner and healthier while introducing sustainable, reasonable and high-performance storage solutions.
At Shobha Globs, we encourage economic and sustainable energy storage solutions for residential as well as commercial purposes that benefit our customers with

Types of Power Storage Systems

Residential Power Storage

For any solar storage system to be plugged into the grid, you first need to install solar panels. In case your system generates more power than what is needed, you can sell it back to the grid, and thereby get a reduced electric bill.
When using batteries, all the excess power gets stored in the battery system. Now whenever its cloudy and your system is not generating as much power as any normal day, the power stored in the batteries comes into the picture. This way, you get less dependent on the grid power.
This initiative to give you the complete control of your energy consumption will make your home resilient with greater energy security, is low maintenance, highly efficient and easy to use, reduces your electricity bill and dependency on the grid, and provides uninterrupted power throughout the year.

Commercial Power Storage

We provide simple and affordable business solutions for power cuts with our quality power storage systems. These storage solutions driven by solar energy, help your company easily switch from grid power to backup power and act as an insurance when it comes to energy security.
They help your company with reduced electric bills all through the year with lower demand costs, efficient backup power for power outrages and easily accessible energy storage.

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Cost Effective

Reduce electricity bills with efficient power grid security.

High Durability

Long lasting solar solutions with a life span of years.

Zero Energy Cost

Draw consistent power directly from the sun without any fuel.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable, convenient, and carbon-free energy solutions.

One-time Investment

Make life time savings with safe investments and high ROI.

Versatile installation

Quality installations with seamless and advanced technology.