EV Charging Stations

Shobha globs is committed to providing clean, healthy, affordable and sustainable energy solutions globally. As the world is switching to electric vehicles (EV), we at Shobha Globs, are working with cutting edge technologies to engineer and design efficient EV charging stations.
Our EV charging stations connect an electric vehicle to a source of electricity to recharge electric cars, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. These EV charging stations can be installed at home, in municipal parking locations by electric utility companies, or at retail shopping centres by private companies.
Switch to eco-friendly charging solutions with Shobha Glob’s reliable EV Charging Charging Stations and

Types of EV Charging Stations

Residential EV Charging Stations

EV charging station installations at home help you cut down carbon emissions and save money. With Shobha Glob’s residential EV stations, charge your vehicle at home in a span of just a few hours. Generate more power in a cost effective manner.
Plug in your EV and charge at your own convenience. By charging frequently, you can get yourself completely rid of gas stations. Our EV charging stations help you with cost effective and simple installations, reduced residential electricity bills, lower running and maintenance costs as well as user-friendly and safe charging experience.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Get highly efficient, convenient and quality installations of commercial EV charging stations by Shobha Globs, and attract environment conscious customers to your business.
We provide affordable EV charging stations for commercial and industrial purposes that help your business grow the sustainable way. Make your work place your charging station, and save money with maintenance and running costs that are cheaper than fuel stations, user-friendly, easy to use, speedy, responsive and efficient charging solutions.


Our versatile projects provide clean, healthy and simple engineering solutions to our clients with our cutting edge technology and robust commitments.

EV Charging Infrastructure

High quality charging infrastructure is crucial in order to scale the efficiency of EVs in India. Shobha Globs provides a complete EV charging solution with reliable charging and robust connectivity.

Solar EV Charging Infrastructure

Connect your electric vehicle with solar EV charging and get speedy charging, more power while saving more money with our high end technology and excellent solar EV charging infrastructure.

Solar Street light EV Charging

Making use of street lights as charging points provides an easier way to electric vehicle owners and users as Solar street light EV charging helps them charge their vehicle closer to where they live or work.

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Cost Effective

Reduce electricity bills with efficient power grid security.

High Durability

Long lasting solar solutions with a life span of years.

Zero Energy Cost

Draw consistent power directly from the sun without any fuel.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable, convenient, and carbon-free energy solutions.

One-time Investment

Make life time savings with safe investments and high ROI.

Versatile installation

Quality installations with seamless and advanced technology.